Covering the Earth, one barf at a time…

Right off the bat, Strange Detective Tales #3 . If you follow my work at all, you’ve been hearing me talk about this coming out for a while. If you’re near the Richmond area, you could purchase this in a few local shops, but as of this month, all three issues of the miniseries are available to order through Previews Comic Catalog. Tell your local comic shop to order the Diamond order codes:
NOV073743 F Issue #1 (OF 3)
NOV073744 F Issue #2 (OF 3)
NOV073745 F Issue #3 (OF 3)

I did this shirt for Beautiful Decay magazine and it’s available in their online shop. The shirts are great quality, 100% cotton, with excellent printing, I’m really into the way these came out.

This 7 inch from TKO Records is my first ever picture disk. One side features ‘Telephone the Dead’ by San Diego’s DEADBOLT , and the other, ‘Sickness In Truth’ by UK’s DEMENTED ARE GO . Hurry up and get one, only 2000 copies will ever be made.

Some of the work I’ve done for DC’s Durkl has made the trip from the drawing board to the real world. and abound in their new line.

Prepare to have your skull shook by the brain-jellying Cannabis Corpse and their new bud monster shirt available through Robotic Empire.

A bunch of Richmond’s most stellar dudes come together to form two of the Earth’s most ball-draining bands, Brainworms and The Catalyst . R. Nick Kuszyk collaborated with me to make this oddball, bongerrific record cover for Rorschach Records.

With this shirt, I helped the British thrashers, Evile , solve the age old mystery: who comes out on top in the eternal sharks verses vikings battle. It doesn’t look good for the vikings.

Lastly, for now, I have a write up in the latest issue of Australia’s Death before Dishonour music magazine. I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet (if you can let me know), but it must look pretty good. The feedback has been overwhelming, and the next post like this will have a slew of new shirts, records, and skateboards from a whole new part of the globe.

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