Your Daily Grind Skatepark, Graham North Carolina

WHERE: 813 Parker St, Graham, North Carolina 27253

WHAT: Large indoor park with skatelite ramps, including an excellent bowl, a vert-wall quarter pipe, mini ramp, and some street course type stuff. There is also a small, outdoor, concrete portion to this park with some small banks, rails, and a wallie pole.

GOOD: It’s well-built, especially the bowl. There is also a lot of unusual aspects to this place, like a shelfed ledge sticking out in the mini ramp, and a weirdly steep corner in the bowl’s deep end, and this opening to cross over from the mini ramp to the bowl. Plenty of stuff to get weird on. They seem to frequently have events and demos too.

BAD: When I was there, it was real dusty inside, making everything slick.

PADS: none required



OVERALL: Pretty fun, if you’re in the area it’s worth the price of admission.


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