Powhatan Springs Skatepark, Arlington Virginia

WHERE: 6020 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia 22205

WHAT: Concrete park with a massive bowl and small, but decent size street course. The bowl has both pool and metal coping, and depths and transitions varying incrementally from 4 to 12 feet. The street course is made up of stairs, banks, ledges, a rail or two, and this awkwardly fun concrete nipple.

GOOD: The concrete surface is well made and maintained. It’s another one of Virginia’s few outdoor, concrete parks. This park isn’t very big, and yet has a really wide variety of things to skate, without all the lines converging. There is something for you to skate, no matter what level, stance, or style you skate.

BAD: It’s a really popular park. This isn’t really a drawback, since it ensures the place will probably be around for a while, but it is usually pretty crowded.

PADS: only helmet required



OVERALL: If you skate at all, there is something here for you. Real fun.

PARK WEBSITE: Powhatan Springs: Arlington.us

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