Matt Hughes Skatepark, Myrtle Beach South Carolina

WHERE: first right past Oak St & 29th Ave N Myrtle Beach, SC 29577…if you are on 29 Ave N and traveling away from the ocean.

WHAT: outdoor park on concrete with a series of metal quarter pipes, a half pipe (coping only on one side), and a few ledges.

GOOD: transitions are right-on, the concrete surface is smooth

BAD: It has probably seen better days. The metal is sticking out in a handful of pretty dangerous spots, and there is no shade in sight. It’s still fun, though.

PADS: helmet required, but I didn’t see anyone working here



OVERALL: If you’re at the beach and you’re tired of drinking banana daiquiris and shopping for wacky t-shits, go skate.

PARK WEBSITE: City of Myrtle Beach

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