James City Skatepark, Williamsburg Virginia

WHERE: 5301 Longhill Road, Williamsburg, Virginia 23188

WHAT: Concrete park with two small bowls connected to a ditch with a small, horseshoe shaped quarter pipe at the top. This is scattered with various little boxes, rails, and kickers.

GOOD: The concrete surface is perfect. It’s one of Virginia’s few outdoor, concrete parks. The ditch and bowls are real mellow, and only about 5 feet deep. This makes for a good spot to experiment with new tricks, and get real weird.

BAD: Everything is so mellow that it can be hard to keep speed at times, although I have seen some dudes tear through this place. Most of the lines converge in the middle of the park, so once there is more than 10 or so people there, it starts to seem pretty crowded. Kids in Williamsburg apparently really, really like Bob Marley.

PADS: none required



OVERALL: It is kind of amazing how much this park, from a bird’s eye view, is shaped like a dong. I mean, the people planning this either were really funny or really oblivious. It is probably the only place to skate in Williamsburg, so go early to avoid mallrats.


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