Anti-Gravity skatepark, Newport News Virginia

WHERE: 371 Chatham Drive, Newport News, Virginia 23602

WHAT: Virginia’s only indoor park, as far as I know*. Mostly skatelite and wood ramps, including a 4 foot mini, several quarters, banks, and a pyramid. There is also a variety of ledges, stair sets, and rails.

GOOD: The layout, by Jim Reese , is nicely spaced with some pretty inventive and usual components. Some of my favorite here include a deathbox in a 6 foot quarter, pho-brick bank with metal lip, and stair set with a drawer-like portion that turns it into a double set.

BAD: My only complaint is the slickness of the floor. The park operators do everything they can to fix this, but it’s one of the unavoidable drawbacks of any indoor spot.

PADS: helmet required



OVERALL: A great place to get your fix when the weather wants otherwise.

PARK WEBSITE: Anti-Gravity Skate

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