Best Friends Day

Holy smokes, this was the funnest weekend I’ve had in a long time. 30 miles of bike riding, 5 hours of skating, and I got to see my bros, Savage Brewtality from Gainesville, Florida. I hadn’t seen Jake or Keeth in years, and had never seen their band play live. They’re awesome! The Brew is a thrash band whose songs cover such gripping subject matter as: burritos, Chris Farley, boners, and village slaying barbarians…I truely love this band. Plus, I got to skate while they played!
It was at this awesome place called the . It’s more or less a warehouse for a non-profit bike repair called Recycles here in Richmond. They built all these quarter pipes, boxes, and rails; and people rode BMX bikes and skated all day. Check out some photos from the day at my friend’s .
I guess I should clarify that Best Friends Day is an annual event that lasts the entire weekend, full of shows, parties, scavenger hunts, biking, skating, and general good times. Other highlights of the weekend included Municipal Waste and Annihalation Time show, riding bikes to Hadad’s Family Fun Park and Palacade, and bad beers with good friends. I can’t wait until Best Friend’s Day 6!

Say it loud!