Awesome Weekend

Everyone gets thrashed by the Waste!

Hanging out with the totally righteous dudes form , backyard skate session at the secret spot, show at the Bike Lot with the Pink Razors and Municipal Waste , the other backyard skate session in Oregon Hill, beer, bbq’s, bike rides, bowls, taco stand freak-outs, staying up till 5am, nike swoosh tattoo on a scrote, the world’s fattest cat get’s in shape, and 7 tons of chillage. Enough of my jibba jabba, let the speak for themselves. Sorry there isn’t more, I was too busy getting biz-ehhhhhhhhh! If you want to read all the caption stuff to figure out whats going on, you can go to the non-slideshow .

Sorry about all the annoying myspace links, but sometimes thats just all that people have, ya know?

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