New Merch for the end of 06!

2006 Nowhere Skateboards merch

The year is wrapping up and we’ve been busy with piles of new shirts, posters, and art added to the online shop. I’ve got some Municipal Waste posters and shirts that I drew for them. The dudes shielded these from fake blood and foam weiners for me as they toured with the Richmond family favorite, Gwar. If you haven’t heard of Municipal Waste , I highly recommend youcheck them out.
I also have some fresh Barf Comics classic dead kitty bat logo shirts, some printed by a friend (including a one of a kind jean jacket), the rest by yours truely. There is a whole mess of color variations, but always more coming. I also found a few copies of the Savage Brewtality 7 inch : “How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Sport If a Woodchuck Could Sport Wood”, another of my favorite records that I also have been lucky enough to do the art for.
last but not least, I have started a few hand painted skate decks. They are near completion, so look for them to be added to the shop in the future, along side the ever expanding inventory of home-made garbage.

Municipal Waste poster

Barf Comics jean jacket

Municipal Waste shirt

handpainted skate decks

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